No one begins breeding dogs without having learned the art through trial and error, from accomplished breed mentors or from books and other reference materials. Everything I have learned about breeding dogs, save personal trials, came from somewhere else.

It would be impossible to credit each thought I speak or write on this subject. However, the books below are found in my library, which collection continues to grow, as I too, expand my knowledge. Many thanks to those who have contributed these literary marvels to this fascinating hobby.



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Learn To Draw Dogs

Brown, David
ISBN 0-00-413356-0
Haper Collins Publishers
Hammersmith, London


A Comprehensive Guide - How To Photograph Dogs

Winter, Kerrin & Dale Churchill
ISBN 0-87605-571-4
Howell Book House, 1998
A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company
New York, NY


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Dogs - A Startling New Understanding Of Canine Origin, Behavior & Evolution

Coppinger, Raymond & Lorna
ISBN 0-684-85530-5
Scribner (Simon & Schuster), 2001
New York, NY


True Unity - Willing Communication Between Horse & Human

Dorrance, Tom
ISBN 1-884995-09-8
Give-It-A-Go Enterprises 15th print, 2002
Bruneau, ID


Animals in Translation - Using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior

Grandin, Temple & Catherine Johnson
ISBN 0-7432-4769-8
Scribner (Simon & Schuster), 2005
New York, NY


Dogwatching: Why dogs bark and everything else you ever wanted to know

Morris, Desmond
ISBN 0-517-56519-6
Crown Publishers, Inc., 1987
New York, NY

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Breeding Better Dogs

Battaglia, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-932419-06-2
BEI Publications, 5th Edition, 1995
3rd Printing, February 1999
Atlanta, GA


Born To Win: Breed To Succeed

Craige, Patricia
ISBN 0-944875-82-3
Doral Publishing, Inc., 2002
Phoenix, AZ


Canine Reproduction and Whelping - A Dog Breeder's Guide

Savant Harris RN, Myra   
Dogwise Publishing, 2005

Canine Reproduction: The Breeder's Guide

Holst, Phyllis A.
ISBN 1-57779-028-6
Alpine Publications, Inc., 1985
Loveland, CO


The Book Of The Bitch: A Complete Guide To Understanding And Caring For Bitches

Evans, J.M. & Kay White
ISBN 1-86054-023-6
Interpet Publishing, 2002
Vincent Lane, Dorking Surrey
First published by Henston, Ltd., 1988


The Guide To Handraising Puppies

Matznick, Janice Koler
ISBN 0-7938-2015-4
T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1997
Neptune, NJ


Dog Breeding For Professionals

Richards, Dr. Herbert
ISBN 0-87666-659-4
T.F.H. Publications, 1978
Neptune City, NJ

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Breeds (General)

The AKC Blue Book Of Dogs

American Kennel Club
Garden City Publishing Co., Inc., 1938
Garden City, NY


The Complete Dog Book, 19th Edition, Revised

American Kennel Club
ISBN 0-87605-047-X
Howell Book House
IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.
Foster City, CA


Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds: Profiles of 150 Breeds

Coile, Ph.D., D. Caroline
ISBN 0-7641-5097-9
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 1998
Hauppauge, NY


Dog Bible - The definitive source for all things dog

Mehus-Roe, Kristin
ISBN 1-931993-34-3
BowTie Press
Irvine, CA


The Reader's Digest Illustrated Book of Dogs - Second Revised Edition

Sylvester, Patricia
ISBN 0-88850-205-2
The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., 1998
Second Revised Edition
Pleasantville, NY ? Montreal


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Breeds (Pure Breeds)

The German Shepherd Dog - A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

Antesberger, Helmut
ISBN 0-8120-2982-8
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 1985
Hauppage, NY


Rough Collies Of Distinction

Combe, Iris, Dareen Bridge & Pat Hutchinson
ISBN 0-9540257-0-9
Published by: Iris Combe, Dareen Bridge, Pat Hutchinson, 2001


Le Collie, Le Berger d'Ecosse et Le Chien de Berger Shetland, French

Fiorone, F
ISBN 84-315-4310-8
Giovanni De Vecchi Editore, 1977


The Ultimate Border Collie

Hornsby, Alison
ISBN 0-87605-589-7
Howell Book House, 1998
A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company
New York, NY


Show Collies: Rough And Smooth Coated - A Complete History

Packwood, H.E.


Collies and Sheep-dogs

Puxley, W.L.
Williams & Norgate, Ltd., 1948


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Color Inheritance

Sheltie International Presents Color Inheritance Charts For The Shetland Sheepdog

Haderlie, Jan and Peggy
Sumersong Shelties
Sheltie International, 1994
Los Osos, CA


The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs

Little, Sc.D., Clarence C.
ISBN 0-87605-521-4
Howell Book House, Inc.
New York, NY


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Show Dogs - A Training Course For The Conformation Ring, A Handling Guide

Brucker, Jeffrey Lynn


Dogsteps A New Look -- A better understanding of dog gait through cineradiography -- "moving X-rays"

Elliott, Rachel Page
ISBN 0-944875-73-4
Doral Publishing, Inc., 2001
Third Edition, Second Printing
Sun City, AZ



Elliott, Rachel Page


Canine Cineradiography

Elliott, Rachel Page


K-9 Structure & Terminology

Gilbert, Edward M. & Curtis M. & Thelma R. Brown
ISBN 0-9678414-1-0
Dog Folk Enterprises, 2001
Aloha, OR


Dog Anatomy: A pictorial approach to canine structure

Goody, Peter C.
ISBN 0-85131-636-0
J.A. Allen
London, 1997, Reprinted 2002


Another Piece Of The Puzzle: Puppy Development

Hastings, Pat and Erin Ann Rouse
ISBN 0-9678414-2-9
Dogfold Enterprises 2004
Aloha, OR


Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas

Kainer, D.V.M, MS Robert and Thomas O. McCracken, MS
ISBN 1-893441-17-2
TetonNew Media, 2003
Jackson, WY


The Dog In Action (For All Breeds)

Lyons, McDowell
ISBN 0-87605-468-8
Howell Book House, 1950
Eleventh printing, 1974
New York, NY


The Dog -- Structure And Movement

Smythe M.R.C.V.S., R.H
ISBN 0-668-02319-8
Arco Publishing Company, Inc., 1970
New York, NY


Canine Terminology

Spira, Harold R.
ISBN 0949-284-29-7
The Watermark Press 2001
Sydney, Australia


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Coping With Sorrow - on the loss of your pet

Anderson, M.Ed., Moira
ISBN 0-87605-521-4
Peregrine Press, 1994
Second Edition
Los Angeles, CA


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Kennels & Kenneling - A guide for professionals and hobbyists

McMains, Joel M.
ISBN 1-58245-151-6
Howell Book House
Wiley Publishing, Inc., 1994
New York, NY


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Emergency First Aid For Your Dog

Shearer, Tamara S., D.V.M.
ISBN 0-9647934-2-3
Ohio Distinctive Publishing, 1996
Columbus, OH


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Ultimate Dog Quiz Book

Slowik, Teresa
ISBN 1-86054-000-7
Ringpress Books, 2002
A Division of Interpet Ltd.
Dorking, Surrey


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Genetics, A Discussion of Some Inherited Qualities in Dogs

Babin, Liz


Medical & Genetic Aspects of Purebred Dogs

Clark, Ross D., DVM and Joan R. Stainer
ISBN 0-935078-24-X
Veterinary Medicine Publishing Company, 1983
Edwardsville, Kansas


The Cartoon Guide To Genetics

Gonick, Larry & Mark Wheelis
ISBN 0-06-273099-1
HarperCollinsPublishers, 1991
New York, NY


Genetics -- An Introduction for Dog Breeders

Isabell, Jackie
ISBN 1-57779-041-3
Alpine Publications, 2002
Loveland, CO


Control of Canine Genetic Diseases

Padgett, George A.
ISBN 0-87605-004-6
Howell Book House
Wiley Publishing, Inc., 1998
New York, NY


Genetics Of The Dog

Willis, Malcolm B.
ISBN 0-87605-551-X
Howell Book House
H.F. & G. Witherby Ltd., 1989
Great Britain


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All-Breed Dog Grooming - Step-by-step Instructions

T.F.H. Publications, 1987
ISBN 0-86622-925-6
Denise Dobish, Gay M. Ernst, Susan Gutman, Sandy King, Gloria Lewis, Susan Tapp, Risa Platau, Pat Wehrle, Chelsea Youngblood-Kileen
& Richard Davis (Illustrator)
Neptune City, NJ


The Illustrated Guide To Sheltie Grooming

Ross, Barb
ISBN 0-931866-60-X
Alpine Publications, Inc., 1993
Loveland, CO


Sonnen Show Grooming The Collie & Shetland Sheepdog



How To Groom A Shetland Sheepdog Perfectly

Sprinkle, Tammy
ISBN 0-9749432-5-8
LifeSkill Publishing
Arcanum, OH


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Show Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs

Baskerville, W.
"Our Dogs" Publishing Company, Limited, ~1922
Oxford Road Station Approach
Manchester, England


A General History of Quadrupeds

Bewick, Thomas


Herding Dogs, Their Origins and Development in Britain

Combe, Iris
ISBN 0-571-14715-1
Faber and Faber Limited, 1987


Shepherds, Sheep and Sheepdogs

Combe, Iris
ISBN 0-85206-732-1


The Simon & Schuster Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures

Cox, Barry, RJG Savage, Brian Gardiner and Colin Harrison
Revised and updated by Douglas Palmer
ISBN 0-684-86411-8
1988, 1999
Marshalll Publishing, Great Britain


The Natural History of Dogs

Fiennes, Richard & Alice
CC 77-89110
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1968


The Mythology of Dogs - Canine Legend and Lore Through The Ages

Hausman, Gerald and Loretta
ISBN 0-312-15177-2
St. Martin's Press, 1997
New York, NY


Dogs Through History

Riddle, Maxell
ISBN 0-87714-124-X
Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd., 1987
Fairfax, VA


The How And Why Wonder Book Of Dogs

Robbin, Irving
ISBN 0-8431-4269-3
Price/Stern/Sloan Publishers, 1962, Cover, 1981
Los Angeles, CA


A History Of Dogs In The Early Americas

Schwartz, Marion
ISBN 0-300-06964-2
Yale University Press, 1997
New Haven & London


The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions

Serpell, James
ISBN 0-521-42537-9
Cambridge University Press, 1995
Cambridge, UK


The Lost History of the Canine Race - Our 15,000-Year Love Affair with Dogs

Thurston, Mary Elizabeth
ISBN 0-8362-0548-0 (hd)
Andres and McMeel
Kansas City, MO


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Canine Nutrition - What Every Owner, Breeder, and Trainer Should Know

Ackerman, D.V.M., Lowell
ISBN 1-57779-015-4
Alpine Publications
Loveland, CO


Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets - The Holistic Animal Care Lifestyle

Newman ND., Ph.D., Lisa S.
ISBN 1-4208-8246-5 (e)
ISBN 1-4208-6383-5 (sc)
Author House
Bloominton, IN


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Performance & Training

Dog Training Made Easy For You and Your Dog

Duncan, Wm. Cary
Bell Publishing Company, Inc.
New York, NY


Dog Training

Hart, Ernest H.
ISBN 0-86622-246-4
T.F.H. Publications, 1984
Neptune City, NJ


The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training

Koehler, William
ISBN 0-87605-552-8
Howell Book House, Inc., 1967
New York, NY


High Jumps And  Dumbbells

Simons, Joan
ISBN 0-931866-04-9
Alpine Publications, 1979
Loveland, CO


Open And Utility Utility Training—The Motivational Method

Volhard, Jack & Wendy
ISBN 0-87605-755-5
Howell Book House, 1992
New York, NY


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Shelter Crisis

One At A Time—A Week in an American Animal Shelter

Leigh, Diane and Marilee Geyer
ISBN 978-0-9728387-0-2
No Voice Unheard, 2003
Santa Cruz, CA


Redemption—The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America

Winograd, Nathan J.
ISBN 13:978-0-9790743-0-1
ISBN 10:0-9790743-0-4
Almaden Books, 2007
Los Angeles, CA


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Shetland Sheepdogs

A Garland of Shelties

A Collection of Poems, Stories and Artwork (by those owned by Shelties, from The Sheltie-List on the Internet)
Vol. I, 1998
Compiled by Marie Crane, Jo Ann Jones, & Shirley Reed
Jones Printing Service
Shinnston, WV


A Garland of Shelties

A Collection of Poems, Stories and Artwork About Shelties (from the Sheltie Lists on the Internet by those owned by Shelties)
Vol. II, 1999
Compiled by Marie Crane, Artist; Jo Ann Jones, Printer; Shirley Reed, Coordinator
List Artists Contributing Teresa Cotton, Rosemary Hurley,
Cas Whitlock
Jones Printing Service
Shinnston, WV


Shetland Sheepdog [videocassette]

American Kennel Club
AKC Video Series


ASSA Handbooks

America Shetland Sheepdog Association

1968-1969, 1971-1973, 1974-1976, 1977-1978, 1979, 1980, 1981-1982, 1983-1984, 1985-1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


The Shetland Sheepdog - A Pictorial Standard

American Shetland Sheepdog Association
Thomas W. Coen, 1986
ASSA Pictorial Standard Committee


Stamping The Look - A Seminar on Breeding

Anderson, Cheryl
Cherden Shelties
West Palm Beach, FL


Shetland Sheepdogs Today

Baker, Maurice
ISBN 0-948955-40-6
Ringpress Ltd., 1988


Shetland Sheepdogs At Work -- Achievements ? Breeding ? Training

Carriera, Joanne
ISBN 1-889576-01-8
Best Friends, Ltd., 1999
Loveland, CO


A New Owner's Guide To Shetland Sheepdogs

Churchill, Linda
ISBN 0-7938-2793-0
T .F.H. Publications, Inc.
Neptune, NJ


The Serenade Scrapbook

Clem, Charlotte C.
ISBN 1003-001-00005


The Shetland Sheepdog

Coleman, Catherine E.
W.W. Gallagher, J.N. Levine, A.R. Miller, 1943
Mail & Express Printing Co.
New York, NY


Guide To Owning A Shetland Sheepdog

Credidio, Scott
ISBN 0-7938-1869-9
T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1996
Neptune City, NJ


Pet Owner's Guide To The Shetland Sheepdog

Davis, Mary
ISBN 0-87605-985-X
Howell Book House, 1993
Macmillan Publishing Company
New York, NY


The Essential Shetland Sheepdog

Dunbar, Ian
ISBN 1-58245-070-6
Howell Book House, 1999
Hungry Minds, Inc.
New York, NY 10022


New Owner's Manual - The Sheltie Puppy

Ferroni-Kelleher, Susan, and Chris Jones, Jean Fergus, Mona Simmons
Reporter Publications, 1992


The Proper Care of Shetland Sheepdogs

Ganz, Sandy & Rick Thompson
ISBN 0-7938-1968-7
T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1997
Neptune City, NJ


The Shetland Sheepdog Handbook - Giving The Origin And History Of The Breed, Its Show Career, Its Points And Breeding

Gwynne-Jones, Olwen
Nicholas & Watson, 1958


Shetland Sheepdogs, An Owner's Companion

Hart, Malcolm
ISBN 1-86126-199-3
The Crowood Press, Ltd., 1999
Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire


The Shetland Sheepdog

Herbert, Beryl M.
ISBN 0-668-03976-0
Arco Publishing Company, Inc., 1961
New York, NY


The Shetland Sheepdog Pedigree Book

Hostettler Karen
The Shetland Sheepdog Library, 1993
Louisville, KY


The Shetland Sheepdog

Jeu, Jean C. & Lynette J. Saltzman
American Shetland Sheepdog Association
Public service printing, pamphlet, 1974


Shetland Sheepdog Champions 1952-1994

Linzy, Jan
ISBN 1-55893-121-X
Camino Books, Inc., 2003 (Original Edition 1989)
Incline Village, NV


Our Friends The Old English And Shetland Sheepdogs

Johns, Rowland
Methuen & Co., 1935


Our Friend The Shetland Sheepdog

Johns, Rowland
Methuen & Sons, 1961


Shelties In Motion

Leonard, Jan


The Shetland Sheepdog In America

McGowan, Charlotte Clem
ISBN 1-889576-00-X
Best Friends, Ltd., 1999
Loveland, CO


Sheltie Talk

McKinney, Betty Jo & Barbara Hagen Rieseberg
ISBN 0-931866-01-4
Alpine Publications, 1976
Loveland, CO


Sheltie Talk

McKinney, Betty Jo & Barbara Rieseberg
ISBN 0-931866-17-0
Alpine Publications, 1985
Loveland, CO


An Owner's Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet - The Shetland Sheepdog

Merrithew, Cathy
ISBN 0-87605-385-1
Howell Book House, 1995
A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company
New York, NY


How To Raise and Train A Shetland Sheepdog

Miller, Evelyn
CC 60-10387
TFH Publications, Inc., 1960
Neptune City, NJ


AKC And CKC Shetland Sheepdog Champions, 1915-2006

Non-Champions Behind AKC And CKC Shetland Sheepdogs 1915-2006
Foreign Shelties Behind Shetland Sheepdog Champions 1915-2006
Miller, Ph.D., Robert L.
Barlo Shelties
Fourth Edition 1915-2006
Midland, MI


Shetland Sheepdogs - The Sheltie

Moody, Jan
ISBN 0-9516812-0-6
Bredicot Publications, 1990
The Old Rectory, Bredicot
Spetchley, Worcester


The Complete Shetland Sheepdog

Moore, Catherine Coleman
CC 60-6549
Denlinger's, 1960
Middleburg, VA


Sheltie Greats

Moore, Catherine E., Clinton A. Neyman & Others
The Sheltie Special, March 1970
Castle Rock, CO


The Book Of The Shetland Sheepdog

Nicholas, Anna Katherine
ISBN 0-86622-036-4
T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd., 1984
Neptune City, NJ


The Complete Shetland Sheepdog

Norman, Margaret
ISBN 1-58245-043-9
Howell Book House, 1995
A Simon & Schuster/Macmillan Company
New York, NY


The Shetland Sheepdog

Osborne, Margaret
CC 62-14989
Arco Publishing Company, Inc., 1971
4th Printing
New York


How To Train Your Shetland Sheepdog

Palika, Liz
ISBN: 0-7938-3662-X
T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
Neptune City, NJ


Shetland Sheepdogs

Pisano, Beverly
ISBN 0-87666-685-3
T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Ltd., 1979
Neptune City, NJ


Golden Oldies I & II

Power, Pepper


The New Shetland Sheepdog

Riddle, Maxwell
ISBN 0-87605-308-8
Howell Book House, 1980
First Edition, Seventh Printing
New York, NY


The New Complete Shetland Sheepdog

Riddle, Maxwell
ISBN 0-87605-333-9
Howell Book House, 1991
Macmillan Publishing Company
New York, NY


All About The Shetland Sheepdog

Rogers, Felicity
ISBN 0-7207-1222-X
Pelham Books, London, 1974, 2nd Ed. 1980


Know Your Shetland Sheepdog

Schneider, Earl
The Pet Library, Ltd. No. 524
High Street, London


Shetland Sheepdog: A Comprehensive Guide To Owning And Caring For Your Dog

Schwartz, Charlotte
ISBN 1-59378-232-2
Kennel Club Books, Inc., 2000
Allenhurst, NJ


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Sheltie Special, The

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Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Reviews

1969: Mar


Shetland Sheepdog Yearbooks


The Shetland Sheepdog

ISBN 0-7028-1005-3
John Bartholomew & Son Limited, 1977
Great Britain


The Illustrated Shetland Sheepdog Standard

Simmonds, Jean
1960, 1970, 1984, softbound


The Sheltie Guide

Simmonds, Jean Daniels


The Southern Sheltie Directory

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Shetland Sheepdogs: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

Sucher, Jaime J.
ISBN 0-8120-4264-6
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 1990
Hauppauge, NY


Shetland Sheepdogs: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, And Health Care

Sucher, Jaime J.
ISBN 0-7641-1044-6
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 2000
Hauppauge, NY


Pet Shetland Sheepdog

Taynton, Mark & Jean Goudy, D.V.M.
CC 54-11580
All-Pets Books, Inc., 1954
Fond du Lac, WI


Shetland Sheepdogs

Taynton, Mark & Jean Goudy, D.V.M.
CC 54-11580
T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Ltd., 1973
Fond du Lac, WI


The Shetland Sheepdog

Thynne, Beryl
The Illustrated Kennel News, Co., Ltd. 1916
Ludgate Hill, E.C.


Shetland Sheepdog - Letter Excerpts from Mary Van Wagenen of Sea Isle Kennels, 1929-1977

Wagenen, Mary Van
Sea Isle Kennels, 1929-1977
By Pat Ferrell, ASSA Historian


How To Raise And Train A Shetland Sheepdog

Weiss, Seymour
T.F.H. Publications, 1969


No Greater Love

Whelen, Elizabeth D.
Alpine Publications


Off To The Shows

Whelen, Elizabeth D.
Autographed, To Anna Katherine Nicholas signed by Betty Whelen


The Shetland Sheepdog (Learning About Dogs)

Wilcox, Charlotte


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Shetland Isles

The Isles - A History

Davies, Norman
ISBN 0-19-513442-7
Oxford University Press, 1999
New York, NY


Shetland Breeds - 'Little Animals... Very Full of Spirit' - Ancient, Ancient, Endangered & Adaptable

Kohlberg, Nancy and Philip Kopper (Edited by)
With principal essays by:
Andro Linklater
Valerie Russell
James R. Nicolson
Ronnie Eunson
Nancy Kohlberg
Lawrence, Alderson
Richard H.L. Lutwyche
ISBN 1-889274-10-0
Posterity Press, Inc. 2003
Chevy Chase, MD


The Shetland Isles

Schei, Liv Kjorsvik
ISBN 1-84107-330-X
Colin Baxter Photography, Ltd.
Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland


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The Winning Edge - Show Ring Secrets

lston, George G. with Connie Vanacore
ISBN 0-87605 834-9
Howell Book House, 1992
Macmillan Publishing Company
New York, NY


Solving The Mysteries of Breed Type

Beauchamp, Richard G.
ISBN 0-944875-89-0
Doral Publishing, 2002
Phoenix, AZ


Judge's Handbook of Breed Standard Analysis

Berndt, Robert J.
ISBN 1-57779-025-1
Alpine Blue Ribbon Books, 2001
Loveland, CO


The Science And Techniques Of Judging Dogs

Berndt, Robert J.
ISBN 1-57779-011-1
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Tricks Of The Trade - From Best Intentions To Best In Show

Hastings, Pat with Erin Ann Rouse
ISBN 0-9678414-0-2
Dog Folk Enterprises, 2000, autographed
Aloha, OR


Raising A Champion - A Beginner's Guide To Showing Dogs

John, A. Merideth & Carol L. Richards
ISBN 0971072205
The Well Trained Dog, 2001
Collingswood, NJ & Corvallis, OR


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Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

Carlson, Delbert G. & James M. Giffin
ISBN 0-87605-537-4
Howell Book House, 1980, 1992
Macmillan Publishing Company
New York, NY


Veterinary Medical Terminology

Christenson, L.V.T., Dawn E.
ISBN 0-7216-4859-2
W.B. Saunders Company, 1997
A Harcourt Health Sciences Company
Philadelphia, PA


Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

Giffin, MD, James M. & Liisa D. Carlson, DVM
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Hungry Minds, Inc.
New York, NY


The Merck Veterinary Manual - Eighth Edition

Merck -- Eighth Edition
First Editor: Otto H. Siegmund, D.V.M.
National Publishing, Inc., 1998
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Dog Owner's Manual - A Most Complete Reference Book on the Care, Feeding, Breeding and Training of Dogs

Rine, Joseph Z.
Tudor Publishing Company, 1936, 1944
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The Pill Book - Guide to Medication for Your Dog and Cat

Roby VMD, Kate A.W. & Lenny Southam, DVM
ISBN 0-553-57989-4
A Bantam Book, October 1998
New York, NY


UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine: Book Of Dogs - A complete Medical Reference Guide for Dogs & Puppies

Siegal, Mordecai & Jeffrey E. Barlough, D.V.M., Ph.D.
ISBN 0-935078-24-X
HarperCollins Publishers, 1995
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Veterinary Parasitology

G M Urquhart
J Armour
J L Duncan
A M Dunn
F W Jennings


The Complete Book of Dog Care

Whitney, D.V.M. Leon F.
CC 52-13792
Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Garden City, NY


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Wish List

From Shetland Today

62737 Shetland

45740 Around Shetland: A Picture Guide

64600 A Rich Heritage

60346 The Dunrossness Story

61494 Good Old Days

7451 A Guide to Prehistoric and Viking Shetland

27513 The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland

8369 Shetland and the Outside World, 1469-1969

31480 The Shaping of Shetland

66971 The Shetland Guide Book

45566 Coastal & Short Sea Liners


Other Books:

A Practical Guide to Vertebrate Mechanics by Christopher McGowan

Dog Locomotion & Gait Analysis by Curtis M. Brown

The Dynamics of Canine Gait by Leon Hollenbeck

Peak Performance, Coaching the Canine Athlete by M. Christine Zink, DVM

How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford & Neil

The Art of Raising A Puppy by Monks of New Skete Little, Brown & Company

The Evolution of the Collie ( 2nd edition only 1972) by Trudy Mangels

Dog Shows Then & Now by Anne Hier

The Technique of Breeding Better Dogs by Dr. Dieter Fleig

The Dog's Mind, Understanding Your Dog's Behavior by Bruce Fogle, DVM

Understand Your Dog by Michael W. Fox

Canine Orthopedics by Connie Jankowski


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Companion and conformation (show) shelties are guaranteed against genetic defects that render them unsuitable as a family companion for one year with a full money-back guarantee.

(Beyond one year of age, a five-year guarantee is extended with offer of a replacement puppy.)


Amatras Shetland Sheepdogs work purposefully with Sheltie breeders that perpetuate longevity & health in their lineage.

The family lineages you find throughout this website represent some of the finest lineages that have been offered to us and to the Shetland Sheepdog breed.

Thus, our goal is to perpetuate the quality already established and continually strive for the betterment of the breed.  

Amatras are breeders dedicated to focusing on longevity, health, temperament, structure, brains and beauty. Dogs are added to the program with these qualities only and bred only to improve each trait through each successive generation.




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