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Continuing Education

Does your breeder participate in any continuing education programs? Ask your breeder what they have done (besides remitting club dues) to keep informed and to truly better the breed. Breeding dogs is more than ribbons on the wall and it is more than puppies in a whelping box. Ensure your breeder knows what that "more" is all about.

Handling Classes Leonard Schultz, AKC Sporting Judge, specialized handler training 2001, Bradenton, Florida
Handling Seminar March 2002 ASSA National Shreveport, Louisiana Rose Chandlis
Stamping The Look A breeding seminar Featuring Cheryl Anderson The Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southeast Florida May 11 & 12, 2002 The Elk's Club
Reproduction Seminar A canine reproduction seminar Featuring Dr. Don Schwartz The Manatee Kennel Club August 25, 2002 Manatee Civic Center
Grooming Seminar A Sheltie grooming seminar and virtue match Featuring Mr. Rodney Oishi, Akirene Shelties Jacksonville Shetland Sheepdog Club September 28 & 29, 2002 JDFA Showgrounds
Tricks of The Trade The total process of breeding success Featuring Pat Hastings Mid-Florida Shetland Sheepdog Club October 5 & 6, 2002 Best Paw Forward
Canine Genetics Cornell University Lectures August 2003-2004
Structure Seminar Featuring Katie Gammill The Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southeast Florida March 6, 2005 The Elk's Club
Reproduction Seminar Featuring Dr. Robert Hutchison on advanced topics in canine reproduction. March 12, 2005 Online seminar at the
Veterinarian Technician Penn Foster Career College, 2007, 2008


Kennel Visits:

Kennel visits are a very important part of any breeders educational repertoire. I have visited very small home-hobby kennels, both modest and bold to larger kennels. The education offered to me by both my mentors and peers will forever be an invaluable resource to me. With thanks to all.

ANNESSAS Anne T. Zessin, Orlando, FL
ASHLINN Tessa L. Beard, Shelbyville, TN
BARWOODS Barbara Thompson, Raleigh, NC
CINDERGLO Luella Thompson, Sillwell, OK
ECHOWYN Kris Messer, Apex, NC
FABLES Lisa VanVleet, St. Petersburg, FL
FAYRISLE & SNOWISLE Marilyn Stockwell, Holiday Island, AR
FOUR SEASONS Dot Kennedy, Apopka, FL
HIGHFIELDS Anna Whiting, W. Palm Beach, FL
JUTE Clarence Lee "Jay", Claremore, OK
LAMAE Olai & Audrey Olson, Shell Knob, MO
LAKEHILL Ginny Cavallaro, Crawfordville, FL
LINDEN Sherry Lee, St. Cloud, FL
LORAIN Carol Essrick, Orlando, FL
OKIES Jim & Janet Belcher, Tulsa, OK
OUTBACK Linda Myers, Sarasota, FL
MISTYISLE Judy Ault, Ocoee, FL
OZARK CREST Paul & Karen Hannah, Nixa, MO
RYSONG Aimee Nantt, Naples/Celebration, FL
SANDYISLE Patti Jackson, Conway, SC
SIMRELL Neal Simms, Chipley, FL
SHANDARON Lois McAlexander, Joplin, MO
SKARA BRAE Kathy Godino, Rockledge, FL
WINDFALLS Pat Willis, Crawfordville, FL
WISTWIN Dianne Hawes, Fuquay Varina, NC


Sheltie Nationals Attended:

2002 Sheltie National, Shreveport, LA

2005 Sheltie National, St. Louis, MO

2006 Sheltie National, Virginia Beach, VA

2009 Sheltie National, Perry, GA--Coming soon!


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Companion and conformation (show) shelties are guaranteed against genetic defects that render them unsuitable as a family companion for one year with a full money-back guarantee.

(Beyond one year of age, a five-year guarantee is extended with offer of a replacement puppy.)


Amatras Shetland Sheepdogs work purposefully with Sheltie breeders that perpetuate longevity & health in their lineage.

The family lineages you find throughout this website represent some of the finest lineages that have been offered to us and to the Shetland Sheepdog breed.

Thus, our goal is to perpetuate the quality already established and continually strive for the betterment of the breed.  

Amatras are breeders dedicated to focusing on longevity, health, temperament, structure, brains and beauty. Dogs are added to the program with these qualities only and bred only to improve each trait through each successive generation.




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