Amatras Shetland Sheepdogs  are breeders dedicated to focusing on longevity, health, temperament, structure, brains and beauty. Shelties are added to the program with these qualities only and bred only to improve each trait through each successive generation.


Companion and conformation (show) shelties are guaranteed against genetic defects that render them unsuitable as a family companion for one year with a full money-back guarantee.

(Beyond one year of age, a five year guarantee is extended with offer of a replacement puppy.)

Amatras Shetland Sheepdogs work purposefully with Sheltie breeders that perpetuate longevity & health in their lineage.

The family lineages you find throughout this website represent some of the finest lineages that have been offered to us and to the Shetland Sheepdog breed.

Thus, our goal is to perpetuate the quality already established and continually strive for the betterment of the breed.  

Recommended Reading: Sheltie Primer & Transfer Information

  • Available Adults are considered over a year of age. Sometimes we grow out a puppy that may not meet all the stringent requirements for the show ring; in these cases, the young adults are available for transfer. In most cases, the adult is house trained with basic show and/or obedience training.
  • In some other cases, we place retired breeding and show dogs for a neglible transfer fee to good homes only.
  • Please also visit the Rescue page for adult shelties in need of a new home.


  • Check with us to see if we have any Available Sheltie Puppies. Because we breed only two-three times per year, we do not often have young puppies available. However, shelties can whelp an average of 3-6 puppies.
  • We are very selective about the homes to which they are placed, so it may average one-two months to find suitable homes. It never hurts to ask! Please feel free to write us anytime. We would like to get to know you!
  • It has been my experience only one puppy from each litter will remain at Amatras, if that.


  • We do not often update this Planned Litters page until a litter is confirmed, especially in the case of outside breedings.
  • Inhouse breedings are often announced well in advance, before a litter is confirmed via an x-ray or ultrasound.
  • We do not maintain waiting lists, so it is best to check back when a litter is announced.

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