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I breed AOACs (any other acceptable colours). AOACs are blues & blacks. At this time, I do not breed brown (sable) shelties.

  • Please do not inquire unless you are serious and first read all the information provided in the Transfer Information section.
  • If you are inquiring about a pet, please complete a Companion Application or send me an email detailing information about your home lifestyle so that I can best suit a sheltie to your family environment.
  • I do not offer stud rights or leases to breeders I do not know nor trust.
  • I reserve the right to decline any offer in favor of the best home for my dogs.

All my shelties eyes and hips are tested prior to each breeding and registered with a CERF and OFA certification, respectively. In some instances, I have tested for heart defects, von Willebrands Disease, and thyroid function, especially if I believe the family lines to carry these defects. Adults have been microchipped and puppies have been surgically dewclawed.

We offer one of the best guarantees in the State of Florida: a one-year money-back refund and a five year guantee against hereditary defects. We offer this guarantee in confidence of our experience and through the family lines that we have chosen to breed through appropriate and continuous testing.


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We are currently offering our best Shelties to the fancy or companion homes looking for quality shelties with coveted & championed pedigrees.

We offer a five year guarantee. All breeding stock (adults) are tested and puppies are from tested stock!

Inquire: or call 941.460.8505!


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Our Future

We've had a spectacular season, and will finish out the fall and spring as planned. Then after, we shall experience a period of relative calm that will span two years or more so that I can complete my veterinarian technician studies. I began this course much earlier in the year, and so far have achieved 100%, As I am dedicated to becoming the best breeder I can be, but I need to devote more time to my studies. Simply, now is the time to act if you are looking at adding an Amatras Sheltie to your family!


Not what you're looking for? Contact, friend, Tessa Beard of Ashlinn Shelties, who helps to raise our sheltie puppies for better socialization opportunities.

Tessa & I conduct "puppy swap meets" to exchange our puppies so that by the time they are transferred to you, they are accustomed to being handled, used to travel, familiar with dog parks, happy to romp in exercise pens and gleefully pose for passerbys that stop to stare at their cutenesses!

Because Tessa has three rambunctious young boys, they are certifiably 100% kid-proofed and because I work outside the home, they are also accustomed to quiet times, too. They are always happy!

Our puppies are truly exposed to a variety of situations so they can best adapt to their new home. We call it "environmental training". This is done to maximize the joys of owning a sheltie long after they grow out of puppydom; to ensure a seamless transfer; and to instill a lifelong partnership of compatibility, love and equal respect for both sheltie and human alike.

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Angel Maria & Raymond Desjardin
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