The Sexes: Gents & Ladies

So often we are asked, "Which sex is right for me?" More often than not, people carry sex-based generalizations from one breed to the next. The information below is specific to the behavior of the Shetland Sheepdog and is drawn from my personal observations since 1988 of living with this breed. These generalizations are likely to vary from not only one breed to another, but to individuals themselves. As always, ask questions and never assume anything!

The Good

Males will certainly demand your attention when they're needy (and they're needy a lot). Males will poke you for attention and get in your face (or lap or whatever it takes) until male dogs get the affection they feel they rightfully deserve.

Males are more dependent than females, and a lot more sensitive. They have a very curious nature about them and are more readily distracted by movement than females; thus, they are not always as focused, making the females sometimes easier to train. But, they are not as moody as females and much more predictable in this respect. I have found males to be a little more playful than females, as they do not take life quite as seriously.

The Bad

Males will get into dominance plays with their owner, especially while going through their adolescent period, so it is important to establish who is the alpha dog, and in our case, alpha human. Males pick a lot of fights with others in their packs. They may not always be very serious about it, and sometimes I feel they are just testing the waters to see how much they can get away with and with whom. However, petty fights like this can  break out in a serious fight quite readily, especially if there is no one nearby to separate them. 

The Ugly

Males are sexually aware of themselves and enjoy licking themselves and spreading their "delightful" pee smell all around the home, known more commonly as "marking"  (another dominance play). Males lift their leg when they pee, so whatever is in the path of the spray is what is going to get wet. During times when males are feeling spunky (another dog in season, for instance), they may howl and whine or decide to get friendly with your foot, or worse yet, the leg of a house guest! Neutering helps this behavior, especially if the procedure is performed at an early age.

Amatras' Gentlemen

The gentlemen at Amatras' Shelties are just that...gentlemen. The boys here are very lovable and each and every one of them are sweet and loving as represented by the Sheltie breed and carry these qualities thru endearing dispositions and temperament.


To Neuter?


  • Probably will reduce aggression, roaming, and unwanted sexual “attention” to people and other non-canine objects or individuals.
  • Will prevent the siring of unwanted puppies, destruction of property to get to bitches in heat, and bitch-in-heat induced fights.
  • 100% of intact dogs by age 5 or 6 will have some degree of prostatic enlargement. Neutering reduces this risk dramatically.
  • Zero chance of testicular cancer.
  • Testosterone has been shown to shorten the lifespan of males. Neutering removes this hormone and prolongs life.


  • Neutering prior to puberty (no testosterone) will allow bone growth plates to remain open a significantly longer time resulting in a taller dog.
  • Neutering prior to full maturity will result in a dog that is less stocky than what THAT dog would have been if left intact.
  • There are some claims, which I have yet to see supporting evidence of, that neutering prior to sexual maturity (according to some) or prior to full maturity (according to others) will prevent full mental maturation of the dog.
  • No testicles which really bothers some owners but with the nuticles available now that really isn't a real issue.
  • Vasectomies are becoming available so for those people wanting the effects of hormones (why?) can have that without the risk of unwanted puppies.















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