The Sexes: Gents & Ladies


So often we are asked, "Which sex is right for me?" More often than not, people carry sex-based generalizations from one breed to the next. The information below is specific to the behavior of the Shetland Sheepdog and is drawn from my personal observations since 1988 of living with this breed. These generalizations are likely to vary from not only one breed to another, but to individuals themselves. As always, ask questions and never assume anything!

The Good

Females can also be demanding of attention, but that is not their typical behavior. Usually, females are not as demonstrative for your affections and may only occasionally ask to be looked over and are not at your beck and call (at your feet). Females will let you know when they want your affection, but much more subtly than the males. Females are independent and calmer, and a lot more serious; thus they are a little more focused than the male, and easier to train. However, one must be an intelligent trainer, for you cannot train a female when she isn't in the "mood". Females are extremely moody: happy one minute, grumpy the next. Females like to play occasionally, but I think the typical female prefer to nap and reflect on her life.

The Bad

Females are less likely to display their dominance and less likely to pick petty arguments, but have a very calculating nature about them. When a female decides to be aggressive, it is usually without hesitation and with a calculated assertion of aggression. Females are very serious and when they attack, it is with a very intentional forward. In this respect, females can be very unpredictable. 

The Ugly

Females go into heat twice a year and again, are extremely moody. When they are in heat, they bleed an average of ten days or more! Spaying will prevent these hormonal cycles, of course.

Amatras' Ladies

The ladies at Amatras' Shelties are just that...ladies. My female tail, the mothers of all future progeny, have been carefully selected for temperament, health and type. All my girls are loving and sensible and carry these qualities thru endearing dispositions and temperament.


To Spay?


  • No messy heats and no unwanted litters.
  • Prior to the first heat reduces risk of mammary cancer to less than 1%; Prior to the second heat reduces risk of mammary cancer to less than 33%; Prior to third heat reduces risk of mammary cancer to less than 66%; After that, is the same as not being spayed at all.
  • Removed uterus and ovaries: 0% chance of uterine or ovarian cancer.
  • Removes risk of pyometra and false pregnancies.


  • In some aggressive bitches, the removal of estrogen heightens aggression.
  • In bitch puppies with unresolving urinary tract infections and/or vaginal infections, spaying prior to the first heat will usually make these life-long problems. Allowing one heat prior to spaying alters the lining of the urinary and genital tract in such a way that typically resolves these problems.
  • There are some claims, which I have yet to see supporting evidence of, that spaying prior to the first heat (according to some) or prior to full maturity (according to others) will prevent full mental maturation of the bitch.
  • Spaying prior to the first heat and, therefore, removing estrogen from the body enables the growth plates of the bones to stay open longer creating a taller bitch. This may or may not be considered a con. The effect of spaying in this area is less than the effect of neutering.
















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