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Deposit & Financing Options

We now accept the following credit cards and electronic checks through PayPal!

An additional 3% surcharge applies whenever using PayPal.

I transfer my puppies later than most breeders because it is well known most puppies of all breeds undergo a fear period between 7-11 weeks of age. In shelties, my experience with this seems to be most often between 6-10 weeks, so I will transfer at 10 weeks, but typically prefer to wait until after the fear period.

If you are interested in a puppy under ten weeks of age and wish to reserve him, a 50% deposit is normally required. In most cases, this deposit is non-refundable. Full payment (unless previously arranged) is generally expected by the time your puppy reaches ten weeks of age. Although I can be convinced to part with puppies earlier (the traditional 8 weeks), I prefer to send them to their new homes at ten weeks or older because they are typically better adjusted by this time. Shipping puppies too young also sometimes induces the puppy to suffer through a fear period that they would not have to endure with some patience. Any final expenses, such as the health certificate, or unpaid balances would be expected to be satisfied at the time your puppy is picked up or delivered.

Occasionally, we will allow a soft hold (no money down) on a puppy for two-three days so that you can be certain this is the puppy you have been looking for while you ask questions. After this time, if a commitment is not received, your puppy will be offered again to the public unless your deposit has been received. A deposit guarantess an idle hold; full payment reserves your puppy. We have payment plans available, but they generally do not extend more than 60 days and you must be able to pay at least 50% by ten weeks of age and understand there will be boardiing charges added to your final transfer fee.

Shipping Information

We ship within the United States only.

Shipping can be very costly and one must be prepared to pay for the costs associated with shipping an animal in addition to the cost of the sheltie:

Price increase effective January 2007:

● Crate -   $50.00 We use PetMate Pet Porters #200 medium, approved for airline shipping. Your sheltie should not ever outgrow this crate, unless you wish him to be housed in a larger crate or unless he matures over 16". If we predict your sheltie will be larger, or if you wish him to be housed in a larger crate and thus wish him to be shipped in a larger crate, the next size crate is a PetMate Pet Porter, $75.00, #300 large, approved for airline shipping. Please note a larger crate may also increase your flight costs.

● Flight -   $200.00. We prefer to ship Delta Airlines. We will arrange the flight to suit both schedules and then book the flight 24 hours in advance - you are responsible for payment of the flight, or we can ship C.O.D. for flight costs, which can be charged on a regular Visa or Mastercard by the airlines when you pick up your puppy. In the summer months, we will ship Continental Airlines out of Tampa, Florida in a climate-controlled super jet, but there is an additional $100.00 trip charge (we charge) for this service, but there are no weather restrictions.

● Health Certificate -   $50.00/$0.00. Two options are available:

  1. Certified, registered Florida State Health Certifice pursuant to F.S. 828.29 by our licensed veterinarian. A thorough physical examination from muzzle to paw is performed on your puppy. It shall include a routine dentition check, and the eyes and ears as well. Heart and lung function is closely listened to for any irregularities. Further palpation of the muscle and tissue attachments in correlation to the delicate skeletal framework of the sheltie certifies your puppy is sent to you in top condition and form. At this time, an internal fecal exam is performed for worms as well as an external exam for parasites. Any deviation from what is considered normal is documented to you on your certificate. If your puppy is not found to be in perfect health, you are then entitled to a full refund of not only the transfer fee, but the cost of the examination or any other incidental expenses you may have already paid.
  2. Available only to local residents: Under the same Florida Statute 828.29, you have the right to waive the health certifate. If you choose this option, you will be required to sign a waiver stating your preference; further, your contract will not include our standard health guarantees. However, if you prefer to have your sheltie seen by your favorite veterinarian within a 72-hour period, then you must still sign the waiver; but, all guarantees will remain in full force and effect so long as your sheltie is seen by your veterinarian of choice within three days (72 hours) of the transfer. Also, I then must be sent a copy of Form 828.29, "Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection". If the deadline is missed, this option reverts to a full waiver. Because of the necessity of timing, it is advisable to have the appointment scheduled with your veterinarian prior to picking up your puppy. If you are flying your sheltie, the health certificate cannot be waived; it is required by all airlines.

● Innoculations -   No charge for puppy innoculations.  (Your puppy will have at least received his first set of puppy shots at the time he is shipped. If your puppy is over five months of age, a rabies shot may be required. For more information about our vaccination protocol, please see the Vaccination Protocol page.

● Microchips -  By request only and at no charge.

● Trip Charges -   No trip charges for any flights departing from the Sarasota International Airport (SRQ) in Florida during a standard business week. Due to rising gas prices and a two-hour round trip, there will be a $50.00 trip charge for weekend flights departing from Sarasota or Ft. Myers. We will fly out of Ft. Myers, St. Petersburg, or Tampa for an additional $100.00 trip charge.

Weather Restrictions for Pets

For your pet's safety, Delta has implemented the following restrictions on animal travel.

Summer Restrictions - May 15 through September 15

  • Pets cannot be checked as baggage on Delta.

  • Pets may be shipped as cargo.

Year-round Restrictions

Delta will not accept animals as checked baggage or cargo during extreme weather if at any point during the animal's trip the temperature is forecast to be:



  • 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit an acclimation certificate signed by a veterinarian is required and additional charges may apply.
  • 85 degrees Fahrenheit for Shetland Sheepdogs.

Note: During an embargo, we reserve the right to hold your puppy until a suitable time is available for shipping and we will do our best to find a flight with suitable departure and arrival times. Of course, no boarding fees will be charged to you during this time. However, once a flight is made available to us during an embargo, and often times happens, you must agree to make arrangements to pick your puppy up at the airport, no matter how late at night or early in the morning the flight had to be booked. It is difficult enough to get flights during an embargo and if you do not want to stay up late or get up early in the morning for your puppy, or if you're "not ready" for your puppy, then you will be charged boarding fees.

Alternatively, you may opt to ship your puppy Continental Airlines during the heat of summer, for they offer a super-jet that flies out of Tampa, Florida. This means your puppy will be sent in style, on a climate-controlled aircraft without weather restrictions. There is a $100.00 trip charge for this service.

Boarding Fees

If you require additional boarding, for instance, if you are not ready for the puppy after payment has been received in full (beyond the additional ten days) you will be charged boarding fees equivalent to $5.00/day. If we are shipping during an embargo imposed by the airlines (usually May 1st through September 15th), we do not charge boarding fees during this time unless a flight can be arranged during this time (which often times late-evening or early-morning flights can almost always be arranged) that you decline, then boarding fees are assessed until you accept flight arrangements.


  • Shipping costs an average of $300.00 in addition to the cost of your sheltie.

  • Amatras' will ship out of Sarasota, Florida without trip charges during a weekday.

  • We do not transfer puppies younger than ten weeks, but will accept a deposit to reserve your puppy.

  • Once payment is received in full, we have ten days to arrange shipping unless we are shipping during an embargo.

  • If you require your puppy for an additional stay beyond ten days, you will be assessed a boarding fee of $5.00/day.

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Companion and conformation (show) shelties are guaranteed against genetic defects that render them unsuitable as a family companion for one year with a full money-back guarantee.

(Beyond one year of age, a five-year guarantee is extended with offer of a replacement puppy.)


Amatras Shetland Sheepdogs work purposefully with Sheltie breeders that perpetuate longevity & health in their lineage.

The family lineages you find throughout this website represent some of the finest lineages that have been offered to us and to the Shetland Sheepdog breed.

Thus, our goal is to perpetuate the quality already established and continually strive for the betterment of the breed.  



Amatras are breeders dedicated to focusing on longevity, health, temperament, structure, brains and beauty. Dogs are added to the program with these qualities only and bred only to improve each trait through each successive generation.




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